Batman and The Avengers Get Mechanized in Robo Fan-Art

| 29 Jan 2015 15:45

Artist Justin Currie has produced a series of art pieces re-imagining his favorite heroes as roboticized warriors.

If there's one thing the many disparate breeds of geek can usually concur on, it's that robots have an inherent cool factor. Most would probably agree, in turn, that combining robots with other awesome things is usually a great idea. Just take the work of Canadian artist Justin Currie. For some time now, Currie has been producing a series of art pieces transforming famous heroes from comics, television, film and video games, into robotic warriors that look like they were ripped straight from the brain of our collective inner nine-year old.

Included among Currie's creations are mechanized versions of Batman's rogue gallery, the Avengers, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Link from The Legend of Zelda, Sephiroth and Cloud from Final Fantasy VII and the starting Pokemon from Pokemon Red/Blue among others. Speaking to The Escapist about his art, Currie stated that he was inspired by the re-design work of other creators. "I [started doing] this after seeing the Batman of Shanghai short by Wolf Smoke Studios," he explained. "I distinctly remember thinking, I need to do some character redesigns... how cool would robot versions be?" Beginning with the Batman franchise, he decided to continue into other worlds after his art pieces built a crowd of fervent followers. "I was floored by the overwhelmingly positive reactions and the sheer amount of requests for characters people wanted to see roboticized."

In addition to illustrating his robotic renditions, Currie has also created (frequently amusing) back stories for his art pieces, along with a multitude of specific and strengths and weaknesses. Taken altogether it adds up to one of the niftiest and best fleshed out art projects we've seen in quite some time. Give it a gander and let us know your thoughts. Which illustrations are your favorites and who do you think Currie should transform next?

Source: DeviantArt

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