Uncharted 4 May Not Run at 60 FPS Because "It's Really F---ing Hard"

| 4 Feb 2015 23:27
Uncharted 4

Game director Neil Druckmann has his doubts that Uncharted 4 will be able to hit that 60 FPS benchmark we were promised.

At this stage, I don't think I need to tell you that the next-gen consoles are not quite achieving the framerates and resolutions that developers initially promised they would be able to. It's become somewhat of a meme. Now it looks like another developer is backtracking, this time Uncharted 4 dev Naughty Dog. Naughty Dog initially claimed it was targettting 60 FPS/1080p for the title, but now game director Neil Druckmann has come out with his doubts, explaining that it's "really f---ing hard" to hit the benchmark.

"That's true for any game," Druckmann told Game Informer. "It was really hard on The Last of Us Remastered, and that's a game we had finished and we knew exactly what the end result needs to look like. And here [with Uncharted 4] we're trying to push the boundaries of what this game can look like; and do realistic, real-time cutscenes; and trying to do 60fps is really hard."

When asked directly if the team was still targeting that 60FPS/1080p benchmark, Druckmann replied "I don't know," adding "The objective for us is just to make the best experience. And right now we're trying to push the look. Then we'll see where we're at and reassess. We're constantly making choices to our production about what's going to make the game feel best and look its best."

He said that while the PS4 is leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor and has made the process much easier, "There's always limited resources."

Maybe in the months just before the PS5 comes out, developers will finally figure out how to reliably hit the 1080p/60 FPS benchmark PC gamers have been enjoying for years now.

Source: Game Informer via GameSpot

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