The Furby Channels Star Wars With New "Furbacca" Toy

| 13 Feb 2015 15:30

Hasbro will release the "Furbacca" in Fall 2015 for $79.99.

There are a lot of things I get nostalgic about when it comes to my childhood. Video games, toys, TV shows; I could spend hours discussing the awesome things I loved from back in the day. If there's one thing I don't get all warm and fuzzy about though, it's the Furby. Even during the height of their initial popularity I thought these things were creepy. When I discovered, in turn, that they'd re-emerged in the mid-2000s, a little part of me died inside. Really Hasbro? I asked. This is what you choose to resurrect?

In Fall 2015, the toy company will take the brand one step further. Hoping to capitalize on the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Hasbro will be releasing a special Furby modeled after everyone's favorite co-pilot: Chewbacca. The new Furby, dubbed Furbacca by its creators, will speak Wookie, hum Star Wars music and display animated X-Wings and Star Destroyers in its eyes depending on its mood. It will also be compatible with a downloadable app that owners can use to interact with it via their favored mobile devices. The Furbacca will require four "AA" batteries and retail for $79.99.

Setting aside the fact that 80 bucks is way more than I could ever imagine spending on something like this, I still just find this thing to be really freaking creepy. It's funny because, generally speaking, Star Wars is one of those things that can make just about anything better for me. If the franchise were a spice it'd be the one I sprinkled over a really bad meal to salvage it. Even with its Wookie-makeover though, this little bugger just makes me want to look away. What do you think? Would you like to take a Furbacca home or does it send chills up your spine like me?

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