PS4 Reclaimed Top Hardware Sales Spot in January 2015

| 13 Feb 2015 16:30

After two months of the Xbox One winning in sales charts, the NPD Group has reported that PS4 took the spot again in January 2015.

For close to a year, Sony's PlayStation 4 dominated hardware sales in North America, handily outselling its closest competitor, the Xbox One, month after month after month. Then 2014's holiday season rolled around and the Xbox One, bolstered by deep price cuts and attractive software bundles, finally claimed its day in the sun. Microsoft's console took the top hardware sales spot in both November and December, closing out 2014 on a high note. With 2015 moving forward however, the big question on many gamer's minds has been whether or not the Xbox One would be able to hold onto the top-seller's crown with Christmas behind it.

The answer, it would seem, is no. According to the NPD group's January 2015 sales report, the PS4 once again outsold the Xbox One last month. "PlayStation 4 was the top selling console in January, [and it] remains the cumulative leader in the US," said Sony, addressing the NPD report. "Since launch in November 2013, 18.5 million PS4 units and 81.8 million software units have been sold through to consumers worldwide." Microsoft, in its own response to the data, claimed that the Xbox One had seen "record" sales in January as well as "more game sales per console than any other platform."

Even with that being the case, we have to imagine that the PS4's renewed competitive success still has to smart a little bit. While the Xbox One was selling for $400 during the first week of January, Microsoft quickly dropped its price down to $350. This, of course, made it a full $50 cheaper than the PlayStation 4. To be outsold by a console more expensive than yours? That's the sort of thing that only Nintendo and the WiiU usually have to deal with.

Source: VG247

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