Need Some Replay Value? Check Out This Scenario Generator

| 23 Feb 2015 22:25

Gamer Daniel Lockhart has created a site where gamers can generate random play restrictions for a growing library of games.

In a world where even short games can cost a whopping 60 dollars, one of the biggest challenges that gamers can face is making sure they get enough bang for their buck. Some games make this easy by including tons of content or addictive multiplayer modes to flesh out their core experiences. Even the most titanic titles run out of content eventually however, and it can take a bit of creative thinking to keep the fun going after you reach 100 percent completion. Or you could just launch Daniel Lockhart's scenario generator and let it churn out a new way for you to play.

Originally launched last year for the game Dwarf Fortress, Lockhart's generator site has recently begun growing both in size and popularity. With the click of a button players can use it to produce random character builds and play restrictions for an expanding library of games including Skyrim, Kerbal Space Program, Baldur's Gate, Crusader Kings 2 and more.

According to Lockhart, the site began expanding "last month" when he started thinking about creating a new generator for Minecraft. "I quickly realized it'd be better to just allow the existing site to handle multiple games so I reworked it and released the new version of the site on r/dwarffortress and r/crusaderkings a few days later," he said. "A few days after release Paradox Interactive shared the [Crusader Kings 2] generator to their Twitter followers." Since then visitors to his site have "[offered] assistance" with some going so far as to write new generators for games like XRebirth that have since been added to the site. User feedback has also led to new features being added to the site, including the ability reroll "specific sections of a challenge" if particular portions of a generated scenario rub the player the wrong way.

Just speaking personally, this is something I'd love to see grow ever further. One of my biggest weaknesses as a gamer is my frequent inability to think of different ways to play games. I tend to gravitate toward playing the same sorts of character (burly melee fighters) doing largely the same things (killing everything that moves) over and over again. Having a bit of inspiration to help push me into different and interesting directions is something that I could really use and appreciate. Here's hoping it expands to include even more games in the future.

Source: Scenario Generator

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