Pathfinder's Giantslayer Releases With "Blood-and-Thunder"

| 2 Mar 2015 15:55

Paizo has released the first entry in its new Giantslayer Adventure Path for Pathfinder.

2014 easily belonged to Dungeons & Dragons thanks to the release of its long anticipated and highly praised fifth edition. With 2015 in full swing however, the afterglow of the game's initial release is arguably beginning to fade and some players might be finding themselves tempted to look back to other favorite games and rule sets. Perhaps keen on tempting lapsed Pathfinder players, Paizo today has announced the launch of its latest Adventure Path series: Giantslayer.

Kicking off with a module written by Patrick Renie and entitled Battle of Bloodmarch Hill, Giantslayer will center around a storm giant warlord known only as the Storm Tyrant. "Gathering an army of giants" he intends to launch an invasion to "conquer the neighboring realms." It will be the job of the players, of course, to put a stop to that by trekking and fighting their way through diverse locations including "an abandoned border fort, an ancient giant temple, the tomb of an undead frost giant" and "an elite fire giant training facility beneath a dormant volcano," among others. This will all culminate in an epic confrontation with the Tyrant aboard a "flying fortress."

Its Paizo's hope that Giantslayer will give players a fresh taste of "blood-and-thunder, sword-and-sorcery" as well as provide a bit of diversity from other recent Adventure Paths. "Our last few campaigns have jumped from world to world, cast the heroes and super-legendary ├╝ber-heroes fighting off a demon invasion, and other madness," said publisher Erik Mona. "Giantslayer tells an epic fantasy story against epic villains that helps players and GMs get back to basics in the most ass-kickingest way we know how."

This month's Battle of BloodMarch Hill module will be followed up in March by The Hill Giant's Pledge. After that the company will continue releasing 96-page, full-color Adventure Path books until the end of July when Giantslayer comes to its close in the Shadow of the Storm Tyrant module. Players interested in purchasing Battle of BloodMarch Hill will be able to find it in game stores and at Paizo's website. The print edition costs $22.99 with the PDF version comparatively costing $15.99.

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