Here's The Steam Controller's Final Design

| 4 Mar 2015 19:05

This is what the Steam Controller will look like when it launches in November.

Valve's Steam Controller has been hit with quite a few delays and redesigns since it was first revealed last year, but at this year's Game Developers Conference, the developer promised it would show off the "final" version of the controller ahead of it's November launch. Now, our friends over at Engadget have gotten their mitts on it, and have taken a few pictures. Check them out below:

The final version is pretty similar to that redesign we saw back in December, which as well as a single analog stick in place of the D-pad, also featured a kind of four-point-directional-guide over the left track-pad. Previously, Valve explained the addition of an analog stick was due to testers having trouble making the jump from traditional dual-thumbstick controllers to the dual-trackpad design of the initial Steam Controller.

Hands-on reports of the new controller seem to be telling us the same story we heard with previous redesigns - the controller is unique and fun to use, but very hard to learn and even harder to explain to someone who has never used it before.

The Steam Controller will launch alongside the first wave of Steam Machines in November, as well as Valve's new Steam Link streaming hardware.

Source: Engadget

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