Dead Rising 2 Finally Abandons Games for Windows Live

| 16 Mar 2015 22:51
Dead Rising 2 screenshot

Dead Rising 2 has finally cast off the abandoned Games for Windows Live in favor of Steamworks.

Games for Windows Live was a harsh lesson in failure for Microsoft, having such a tiny adoption rate that the software publisher simply decided to throw in the towel a couple years ago. Those games that were left stranded with the abandoned service have been slowly migrating to greener pastures ever since, and now, the Games for Windows Live paddock has gotten one game smaller, with Capcom announcing that Dead Rising 2, as well as the stand-alone Off the Record, will be moving over to Steamworks.

If you already own these games either through Steam (as GFWL titles) or as boxed retail copies, you can acquire a Steamworks copy absolutely free. Simply take your GFWL activation code and redeem it on Steam to get your free copy. Those who have already purchased the game on Steam or through other online distributors selling Steam keys will automatically be upgraded to the full Steamworks edition.

To assist with the transition, a save data and Achievements migration tool has been built right into the game, so you can take all of your data with you.

Unfortunately, if you bought a digital copy of the game directly from the Microsoft GFWL marketplace, you won't be able to transition across to Steamworks, as Capcom has no way of authenticating your purchase. You will still be able to play the game on the GFWL service, however.

Similarly, any DLC purchased directly from the GFWL marketplace will not carry over to Steam.

Dead Rising 2 is one of the last vestiges of GFWL, and hopefully, with it's migration to Steam complete, we can put that whole dark chapter in PC gaming behind us...

Source: Capcom

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