Nvidia's New Monster Titan X Costs a Thousand Dollars

| 17 Mar 2015 21:46
nvidia titan x

For the most enthusiastic of PC gaming enthusiasts, the Titan X is the mother of all graphics cards.

Building your own PC is part of the rite-of-passage to becoming a true PC gamer, and while most are happy with the mid-range components that keep their boxes similarly priced to gaming consoles, there is always a market for those who want the very best. Nvidia is appealing to that market with its new Titan X graphics card, boasting a whopping 12 GB of VRam, and a thousand dollar price tag.

The GTX Titan X comes out on March 18, and is quite a bit more expensive than its current $549 GTX 980, but on-par with the original Titan's launch price. Unlike the GTX 980, the Titan X sports a 384-bit memory interface, which shifts data 50 percent faster at 336.5 GB/sec. It's also the first GPU from Nvidia to make use of the GM200 core, which carries 8 billion transistors in a 28nm die.

It's an incredibly beefy card for an incredibly beefy cost. Let's just hope that when Nvidia says 12 GB, they actually mean 12 GB, unlike that whole fiasco with the GTX 970.

Source: GameSpot

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