Artist Remakes Thrift Store Rejects Into Nerdy Masterpieces

| 18 Mar 2015 16:25

Artist Dave Pollot rescues thrift store art and uses it to create fun paintings based on geek culture.

If you're a regular thrift store shopper you've probably, at some point, stumbled upon some sort of makeshift art section filled with paintings, photos and pictures that we could most kindly describe as eclectic. Let's just say that there's usually a reason that people decide to ditch these at Goodwill. As eager as many are to get rid of these however, there are others who look at them and see potential.

Case in point, Dave Pollot purchases art from thrift stores and re-purposes it into the foundation for works of geek greatness that run the gamut of film, television, and video games. Among his works are paintings based on franchises like Star Wars, Star Trek, Super Mario, The Lord of the Rings, Futurama, Ghostbusters and more. According to Pollot, his thrift art "began almost as a joke." With time, however, he came to see it as a good opportunity to give new value to art pieces that people don't want anymore. "It's a lot of fun to see the process come full circle," he said. "Taking a piece that once hung proudly in someone's home, that's then abandoned, re-purposed, and hung proudly again in a home for people to enjoy and to laugh at."

I think the most impressive part of Pollot's work is how well he replicates the visual style of the material he's working with. He does a great job of injecting his new imagery into the existing pictures in such a way that they look like they were always there. People interested in buying their own copy of one of Pollot's re-purposings can find his work for sale on his Etsy page. Prints of individual art pieces will run you $15 with collections of four available for a discounted rate of $45. Just personally, I might have to go ahead and pick up his Firefly painting. What can I say? It's shiny.

Source: Etsy

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