These Giant Transformers Built from Car Parts Will Blow Your Mind

| 25 Mar 2015 16:54

Get Ready To Be Shocked and Awed.

A father and son team in China's Hunan province have taken ingenuity and elbow grease to the next level by transforming used car parts and other found objects into massive-scale (and all around awesome) Transformers replicas.

Yu Zhilin and his son, from the Zhangmu township in Hengyang county, use an abandoned factory to house and create their works of art made entirely from found objects like scrap metal and used car parts. After the Transformers films took China by storm, the farmer tapped into his background in fine arts to capitalize on this golden opportunity.

The first model took over three years to fully complete, but now Yu Zhilin and his son are undoubtedly much more profitable. In fact, they're making over one million RMB a year which, if you're wondering, is over $160 thousand dollars. As a pay day, that's not too shabby but I do wonder if there will be any controversy or repercussions over copyright infringement where these pristine models come into play.

What else would you want to see replicated? I'm thinking a line of Jaegers would do quite nicely.

Source: Kotaku, via Shanghaiist

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