Boeing Patents Force Field Technology

| 27 Mar 2015 10:56

The Force Field Is Strong With This One.

Boeing Force Field Patent in article

The time of force fields could finally be upon us! Boeing, makers of large aircraft (and also weapons systems and satellites), has received a patent for force field technology used to protect military vehicles in combat-ridden areas.

The technology works like so: an explosion is set off near a vehicle outfitted with the force field technology, sending shockwaves, debris, and all kinds of shrapnel toward the vehicle. The force field technology senses that explosion from the shockwaves emitted and propels lasers in the direction of said explosion. These lasers protect the vehicle by ionizing the air to deflect and absorb some of the intended blast.

Designed originally for use with military vehicles, this technology could also serve well to protect free-standing buildings, military ships, and of course, aircraft (because Boeing). While this technology is not necessarily what we've seen in movies, it's definitely a start to something just as awesome.

What are your thoughts on Boeing holding the patent for this technology?

Source: The Mary Sue, via The Next Web

Image source: United States Patent and Trademark Office

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