Post-Apocalypse Game Posthuman Destroys Kickstarter Goal in 12 Hours

| 27 Mar 2015 16:35

The post-apocalyptic board game Posthuman managed to reach its $27,000 goal in a mere 12 hours.

You know, it's kind of bizarre how much people love the post-apocalypse. Just think about it, whether you're talking zombies, nukes or sentient Austrian robots, post-apocalypse stories are, as a rule, about the world going to hell and pretty much everyone dying. Regardless of that, there's seeming no end to people who love watching, reading and playing entertainment based on a world gone mad. Case in point, the tabletop game design studio Mighty Box, along with its partners Mr. B Games, launched a new Kickstarter yesterday to fund their new apocalypse board game Posthuman. It was an almost instant success.

A mere 12 hours after launching its $27,000 campaign, the creators of Posthuman awoke to discover that enthusiastic backers had already blown past that base line goal. "You know that feeling when you wake up and something awesome has happened while you sleep? That happened last night," said a campaign update. "Posthuman is happening. That lovely box is going to be on all our tables, and we're all gonna be romping around fighting off mutants. We, together! We did it. Overnight." Its success didn't stop there, either. Since reaching that goal, backers have continued to stream into the project pushing its funds raised to more than $74,000 (at the time of this story's publication).

The game itself takes place "in a world where nature is reclaiming the planet." It tasks (1-4) players with traveling "on a solitary journey to a rumored fortress harboring a community of humans." Reaching the fortress entails completing ten zones where they'll encounter obstacles, other humans and mutants who try to kill them. Injuries sustained against mutants can result in a player transforming themselves, after which they'll be able to work against their competitors to stop them from reaching their goal. The big question, of course, is just how much higher its fortunes will rise. With 28 days left in its campaign and its momentum clearly strong, one can't help but wonder if we could have another Conan on our hands. We've reached out to its designers to see if we can learn more about the game and its influences.

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