Rockstar Reveals Video Editor Included In PC Release Of Grand Theft Auto V

| 13 Apr 2015 11:20

Embedded editor will allow players to make and share custom videos.

After a series of delays and much anticipation, the PC release of Grand Theft Auto V is nearly here. As if 60 frames per second at resolutions of up to 4K were not enticement enough to throw down on the new version, Rockstar has announced the inclusion of a video editing suite.

With one button press, players will be able to save gameplay recordings for future editing. In the Rockstar Editor, clips can then be cut and arranged in a timeline to be enhanced with features including multiple camera modes, text overlays, color filters, and music from the game's score and library of licensed tracks. Finished videos can then be uploaded to YouTube and Rockstar's Social Club website to be shared with the world.

Going a step further, the Rockstar Editor features a "Director Mode." In this mode, players can create unique videos from scratch, using characters from the game and with a wide variety of options for controlling elements such as location, weather, and even in-game physics.

A video has been released demonstrating some of the features of the Rockstar Editor, which appears at first glance to be simple enough to use. No doubt, we'll be seeing a whole lot more of the system in action once Grand Theft Auto V launches tomorrow on PC.

Source: Rockstar Games

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