Wonder Woman Movie Gets New Director

| 16 Apr 2015 11:15

Warner Bros. has hired Monster-director Patty Jenkins to helm Wonder Woman.

Just a few days ago, Warner Bros' Wonder Woman took something a hit when it was announced that director Michelle MacLaren would be leaving its production due to "creative differences." The obvious question, at the time, was who the movie studio would find to replace her. Intent on wasting no time, Warner Bros. has apparently already selected her successor.

According to reports, MacLaren will be replaced as Wonder Woman's director by Patty Jenkins. Best known for her work on the biopic Monster, Jenkins was, at one point, actually hired to direct Marvel's Thor: The Dark World. Had she continued with the film she would have been the first female director of a Marvel movie. Unfortunately, much like MacLaren with Wonder Woman, she wound up leaving Thor 2 and was replaced by director Alan Taylor who saw the film to completion. Her departure, she indicated, was amicable.

In addition to suggesting that Warner Bros. seems fairly motivated to keep Wonder Woman on track, its selection of Jenkins would also seem to indicate that the company is sincere in its desire to make sure the movie is directed by a woman. The film itself will star actor Gal Gadot in its title role and is slated to hit theaters on June 23rd, 2017.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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