Check Out Batman v Superman's First Teaser Trailer

| 19 Apr 2015 01:38

The first trailer for Batman vs. Superman features darkness, angst, and some kind of robot-Batman helmet.

The first trailer for Zack Snyder's upcoming superhero brawler: Batman v Superman was leaked over the weekend, and since you can't put that genie back in its bottle, Warner Bros. has decided to just go ahead and release it officially. You can check out all the darkness and angst of these two misunderstood (anti)heroes to the right.

As we already know, the film is a direct sequel to 2014's Man of Steel, and will deal with mankind's reaction to Superman basically going apeshit and destroying half a city to stop General Zod.

The trailer starts with sound bytes and clips of people both worshiping and condemning the man of steel, and leads up to a reveal of Ben Affleck's Batman, who seems to be taking it upon himself to put an end to Superman's mischief. Batman then dons this kind of weird bat-helmet that gives him a robot voice and goes to meet Supes for some kind of pow-wow. "Tell me, do you bleed?" he asks, before answering his own question, "You will".

It's very gritty and dark but if you're into that kind of thing it looks like it will be a fun movie. I personally wasn't a big fan of Man of Steel, but i'm really interested to see how Affleck handles his role as Bruce Wayne, as I think he's a terrific actor.

Source: Warner Bros.

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