Witcher 3 Pre-Loading Options Live on Steam, GOG Galaxy and Xbox Live

| 12 May 2015 10:30
the witcher 3 wild hunt screenshot 5

With The Witcher 3's release only a week away CD Projekt RED has confirmed that the game is now pre-loadable on a variety of platforms.

After months of waiting, The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is now only seven days from its multiplatform release. With more than a million pre-orders already confirmed, it would be accurate to say that excitement for the game is reaching a fever pitch. That being the case, CD Projekt RED has announced today that gamers who have purchased the game digitally can now start preparing for its launch by pre-loading the game to their platform of choice.

According the company, pre-loading options are now available for gamers purchasing The Witcher 3 through Xbox Live, Steam and GOG's Galaxy client. PSN pre-load options currently aren't live but, according to the studio, "will be available for PlayStation Network users soon." These pre-load options will, of course, give digital purchasers an opportunity to download and ready the game's files in advance of its release. This will allow them to start playing more quickly when it goes live on May 19th.

The third and final game in CD Projekt RED's acclaimed RPG series, The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt will follow the continuing adventures of the monster hunter Geralt. A vast expansion on the franchise's previous entries, The Wild Hunt will add a variety of new features to the series with the most notable being a new focus on open world gameplay. The game had originally been slated for release back in 2014 but was unfortunately pushed back to its current release date by a pair of delays.

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