Shadowrun: Hong Kong Teased With New Video And Screenshots

| 21 May 2015 16:15

Pre-orders open for Harebrained Schemes' third Shadowrun installment.

A slim glimpse of Shadowrun: Hong Kong has been released today by developer Harebrained Schemes, with a brief video featuring concept art and a series of screenshots. A store page for the game has also been added to Steam, and pre-orders are now being accepted for the Shadowrun: Hong Kong deluxe collection at a discount of 33%.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong is the third game set in the Shadowrun universe to be developed by Harebrained Schemes, a Seattle-based studio co-founded by Shadowrun creator Jordan Weisman. A highly successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013 funded the development of Shadowrun Returns and its follow-up, Dragonfall, which grew from a DLC expansion into a standalone title.

Harebrained Schemes returned to Kickstarter in January of this year to expand the scope of Shadowrun: Hong Kong, already in development. The studio raised $1.2 million, funding goals which included additional characters, missions, and an overhaul of the game's "Matrix" content with new visuals and mechanics.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong is set to release this summer.

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