Director Uwe Boll Swears Off Kickstarter In YouTube Rant

| 8 Jun 2015 11:45

"For me, crowdfunding is absolutely dead."

Uwe Boll, known to videogame fans as the director of numerous game-to-film adaptations, including Postal, Alone in the Dark, and House of the Dead, has released a profanity-laden rant aimed at crowdfunding. The video comes as a Kickstarter campaign attempting to fund production of his latest project, Rampage 3, limps toward its conclusion with less than half of its goal and fewer than four days remaining.

"Basically, my message is, fuck you," says Boll, "because it is so fucking absurd what retarded, amateur idiots [are] collecting money on that absurd website." Boll goes on to complain about the crowdfunding system's failure to deliver on his expectations.

"We get approached by people like Kickstarter, 'Do it! Do it!,' and you have hundreds of thousands of people contacting you to make a fast dime, to say, 'we can push your campaign and I get ten percent of whatever you collect,' and it's all fucking bullshit and I will never do it in my life again."

The Rampage films tell the story of a spree killer, played by Brendan Fletcher, who is motivated to kill out of revenge and a desire to reduce overpopulation. The first film earned critical praise (unusual for Boll's films) on its release in 2009 and a sequel, Rampage: Capital Punishment arrived in 2014.

The Rampage 3 Kickstarter is Boll's second attempt at crowdfunding production of the film. An IndieGoGo drive in January managed to raise only 6% of its $100,000 (CAD) goal. The Kickstarter campaign, which saw the funding target decreased by roughly 30% from that earlier effort, currently sits at just under $26,000 of the $55,794 (USD) it needs to be funded.

With the campaign appearing doomed, Boll claims to have decided to give up on the project. Despite his opinion that it is, "an important film," Boll acknowledges, "nobody seems to care about Rampage 3, so, I guess I shouldn't do it, then."

But don't worry about poor Uwe. He's going to be just fine, as he notes that he has, "enough money to play golf until [he's] dead."

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