Spaceteam Card Game Adaptation Scores Kickstarter Funding

| 23 Sep 2015 14:25

Funding goal for chaotic party game achieved in half a day.

Critically acclaimed mobile phone friendship destroyer Spaceteam has been adapted for the tabletop as a card game. A Kickstarter campaign to produce the game has kicked off and met with near immediate success, clearing its funding goal of $7,500 within twelve hours of launching.

In the original Spaceteam, players team up to keep a rapidly deteriorating spaceship operational. Each player's mobile device represents a different panel with strangely named controls. As malfunctions occur, they are corrected by following instructions on which controls on the various panels must be manipulated, usually resulting in a lot of cross party shouting as problems quickly mount .

The card game, as described in the Kickstarter campaign's video, recreates this experience by having each player work through a deck of malfunctions, seeking to expose ship cards which must be assembled to achieve victory within a limited amount of time. Fixing malfunctions requires special equipment, shared among players who must trade for what they need to fix problems at their station. The game features no system of turns, instead operating in a free-for-all that sounds delightfully frantic.

In addition to malfunctions, the decks also include event cards which affect all players at the table, forcing them to all engage in some activity before more progress can be made.

The campaign itself is as simple as can be. A pledge of $20 will be rewarded with a copy of the Spaceteam card game, which allows for up to five players. An expansion, which increases the maximum players to eight, will be included at a $35 pledge level, and a collector's bundle featuring an 18x24 art print (signed by Spaceteam creator Henry Smith) and a sticker pack is available for $100.

According to the campaign, the Spaceteam card game is planned to ship in time for the holidays.

Source: Spaceteam Card Game on Kickstarter

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