Zelda Tri Force Heroes Trailer Offers a Fine Overview

| 28 Sep 2015 10:10

Save Hytopia next month in latest adventure for Link

Nintendo has released a new trailer for The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes, due to hit 3DS next month, containing some introduction to the plot along with a look at the cooperative gameplay.

Tri Force Heroes is another cooperative game in the Zelda series, similar to prior multiplayer focused title Four Swords. Three players work together (locally or online) to traverse stages, solving puzzles and fighting enemies along the way, using a new stacking mechanic.

While designed as a multiplayer game, Tri Force Heroes also features a single-player mode, where AI companions (directed using the system's touchscreen) take the place of real friends.

Characters can employ special abilities by wearing different outfits acquired over the course of the game. These include a Zora costume which grants the ability to swim, a Goron suit making its wearer impervious to lava, and a variety of sub-weapon based outfits providing additional combat options. These and other costumes are crafted by collecting materials in dungeons, with rarer materials used to produce the most potent garb found in the more difficult stages.

Tri Force Heroes will release for the Nintendo 3DS handheld on October 23.

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