Emma Stone Is Spider-Gwen In Amazing Fake Trailer

| 29 Sep 2015 11:40

What would an Emma Stone Spider-Gwen movie look like? This trailer assembled from The Amazing Spider-Man footage gives us an idea.

Right now is the perfect time for alternate Spider-Man characters in comics, with everyone from Miles Morales to Spider-Gwen fighting crime while web-slinging. But every Spider-Man movie - even the upcoming Marvel Studios collaboration - has focused squarely on Peter Parker, which is getting a little strange. With so many reboots you think we'd have room for at least Ben Riley, let alone a fan-favorite such as Spider-Gwen. Thankfully, a new online "trailer" gives us exactly that, remixing The Amazing Spider-Man franchise to make Emma Stone its main superhero.

Marvel's Spider-Gwen is set in a parallel universe where Gwen Stacey was bitten by a radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker, starting her career as Spider-Woman. This trailer applies that formula to Sony's Amazing Spider-Man and transforms Emma Stone into the star. And outside of a few obvious CG and audio edits, it works surprisingly well - especially now that Captain Stacey hunts his daughter instead of Spider-Man.

The Spider-Gwen trailer incorporates her hoodie costume into the story, along with a tweaked white version of the original Spider-Man outfit for quick shots. It also makes Vulture the villain - thanks to footage pulled from Birdman - and while that costume is bulkier than I'd like it barely takes away from the action beats. It certainly doesn't hurt that Spider-Gwen looks like it would climax with a giant robotic vulture destroying buildings in New York City while Gwen and Captain Stacey rush to stop it.

So yeah. I'd say I'm ready for the Emma Stone Spider-Gwen movie now. Your move, Marvel.

Source: YouTube, via CBR

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