Ten Thousand Moon Photos Shot By Apollo Astronauts Uploaded to Flickr

| 3 Oct 2015 15:15

The Project Apollo Archive has uploaded nearly ten thousand photos taken by Apollo astronauts during lunar missions to the website Flickr for anyone to view and download.

So you think you took a pretty photo of the moon during this week's "super blood moon?" Well, I'm really happy for you - but Apollo astronauts had the best moon photos of all time. I mean, they really did - and now each photo taken during those missions has been uploaded to Flickr for you to enjoy.

Thanks to the Project Apollo Archive, nearly ten thousand photos have been posted on the popular photo-sharing website. These are high-resolution, unprocessed, and mostly new images. Every shot taken on the lunar surface by the astronauts' chest-mounted Hasselblad cameras included, along with many taken during the flights there and back.

We've picked our faves from the upload and put them in a gallery below. Maybe the best shot is the strangely adorable pic of Eugene Cernan (left) and Ronald Evans (right, upside-down) just "hanging out," presumably taken shortly after Cernan was the last human to walk the lunar surface.

After you've perused our personal picks, help yourself to Flickr's gallery.

It's a bit sad to think of how long it's been since humans set foot on our favorite satellite. Sure, some terrestrial companies may be working on the solar system's longest selfie stick, but it just won't compare until people can visit in person again, and often. Or maybe that'd ruin the appeal?

Source: Planetary Society

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