Wireless Adapter for Xbox One Controllers on PC Out Next Week

| 13 Oct 2015 11:30

Adapter to bring parity to PC and Xbox One console controller experiences.

Microsoft is finally getting around to releasing a wireless PC adapter compatible with the Xbox One controller. The USB dongle, which will retail for $24.99, will be available at retailers on October 20, according to a product listing on

The adapter is only listed as being compatible with PCs and tablet devices running Windows 10. Whether that's actually the case remains to be seen, though it would seem likely given the company's ongoing push for the new operating system. Likewise, the Xbox One adapter will not be compatible with the Xbox 360 wireless controllers.

When playing games streamed from an Xbox One on PC, the adapter is said to provide the same wireless experience as the console, including in-game chat and audio output through the controller's headphone port.

Included with the adapter is a USB extension cable of unspecified length, allowing for some relocation of the adapter for optimal reception.

Maybe I'm just the unlucky sort, but I had a terrible experience with the wireless PC adapter for Xbox 360 controllers, which would seemingly just fail following six months of use. Three tossed dongles later, I'm definitely going to wait a while before expecting Microsoft to deliver.


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