Jason Vorhees to Return in Friday the 13th Multiplayer Game

| 13 Oct 2015 14:15

Members of film's creative team lending their talents to game seeking Kickstarter funding.

Gun Media has launched a Kickstarter for an officially licensed videogame based on the Friday the 13th franchise of slasher horror films. The game (simply titled, Friday the 13th: The Game) will feature asymmetrical multiplayer for up to eight, where one player assumes the role of Jason and the rest are counselors at Camp Crystal Lake trying to survive the night. The project is seeking $700,000 to complete development, and the game is planned to release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

In addition to securing the license for Friday the 13th, several members of the original film's creative team will be contributing to the development, including its director and creator Sean S. Cunningham. Horror effects icon Tom Savini will provide input on creative ways players may be slaughtered and design Jason's appearance, while Kane Hodder will reprise the role of the unstoppable killer in motion capture and composer Henry Manfredini will provide new music.

Counselors will fall into classes with different traits based on classic character archetypes, including the "The Nerd," "The Edgy Guy," "The Jock," and "The Girl Next Door." Counselor players can work together to accomplish goals (such as readying a boat for escape) and create conditions where defeating Jason is possible, but are ultimately concerned with their own survival, allowing for opportunities where outrunning your friends becomes more enticing than outrunning Jason. The Jason player, meanwhile, need only concern themselves with finding and eliminating counselors, with a variety of abilities at their disposal.

As currently designed, Friday the 13th is a multiplayer-only game, though the developer has indicated that a single-player mode will be offered as a stretch goal, should the campaign be successful. This proposed mode would put the player in control of Jason. Additional single-player missions where counselors can be played are being considered as well.

Gun Media first announced this game in 2014 as Slasher Vol.1: Summer Camp, a in-development project clearly inspired by Friday the 13th. Following this announcement, Sean Cunningham (who owns the franchise, in addition to having created it) contacted the developer, leading to its transition from homage to an officially licensed product.

The funding campaign will run until November 13.

Source: Kickstarter

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