Star Wars: Battlefront Commercial Aims For the Feels, Scores a Direct Hit

| 19 Oct 2015 14:47

Sony has released a new, nostalgia-fueled commercial for its Star Wars: Battlefront PS4 bundle.

While Star Wars fans come in all shapes, sizes, colors and genders, one common experience many share is falling in love with the franchise as a child. Whether they spent their days re-enacting the films or exploring new adventures with toys and games, there's no lack for people whose formative years were defined by their love of the Force. Understanding this, Sony, in cooperation with the game's developers at DICE and Electronic Arts, has recently released a nostalgia-laced commercial for its upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront PS4 bundle.

Opening to the tune of classic Star Wars soundtrack music, the commercial begins with a man working late in an office. Looking tired and somewhat less than pleased with his life, he picks up a well-worn R2-D2 toy from a spot on his desk and smiles. The next fifteen seconds follow him flashing back to varying points of his childhood where and he and his best friend spent their days geeking out over Star Wars. Hopping back to the present, the room starts to rumble and the triumphant music of A New Hope's award ceremony starts to play. An X-Wing, piloted by the adult version of his friend appears. Alongside it is a second fighter with an empty cockpit. Shattering the window with his desk chair, Mr. Nostalgia (not his official name) leaps into the second X-Wing and the two blast off for more adventures in a galaxy far, far away.

Following Star Wars: Battlefront's recent beta there were many players with, in a lot of cases, valid complaints about the way the game seemed to shaping up. Speaking personally though, I'd be lying if I said my most regular response to the game was anything short of "AHHH! There's Darth Vader!" or "I'm flying an X-WIIIIING!" Fighting in the Battle of Hoth, even if it was a tad unbalanced, made me feel little a kid again. This commercial, created for the holiday season, strikes on that particular nerve perfectly.

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