Helldivers Expands with Free Democracy Strikes Back Update

| 26 Oct 2015 13:20

Two additional DLC packs also offered.

Arrowhead has delivered another free content expansion for Helldivers The Democracy Strikes Back update introduces a new type of mission, the Retaliatory Strike, in which players are tasked with dropping into and securing an enemy stronghold by facing waves of enemies. Additionally, the level cap has been raised by twenty ranks.

Along with the new update comes the announcement of two additional DLC reinforcements, the Precision Expert and the Terrain Specialist. The Precision Expert's perk lowers the delivery time of strategems, and it comes with a Precision Artillery Strike with homing rounds to assist in hitting targets. The Terrain Specialist DLC adds a portable missile battery weapon and, more significantly, a perk which allows a player to ignore the slowing effects of snow and swamp terrain.

As much as I have loved playing Helldivers over the last year, I'm a bit cold on the new mission type. The tension of being overrun in other mission varieties was heightened by the capability of a team to prevent a horde from forming in the first place. Taking that level of control out of the proceedings feels like a step back.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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