Check Out the Raunchy First Four Minutes of Ash vs. Evil Dead!!

| 27 Oct 2015 17:34

"Come get some," indeed.

Self-deprecating fat jokes, false heroism, and bar bathroom sex with a deadite. My friends, the first four(ish) minutes of the Starz network's Ash vs. Evil Dead are here, and they are spectacular.

Maybe it's because the pilot is being directed by original Evil Dead visionary Sam Raimi, or maybe it's because Bruce Campbell's hammy, overconfident shtick never wears thin, but any doubts I personally had about a TV show based on the scientifically proven greatest horror movie franchise of all time have been firmly erased by this preview. It's raunchy, it's funny, it's groovy! Hail to the King, baby!!

Of course, it doesn't hurt that the show of Ash vs. Evil Dead is getting pretty great reviews right out of the gate, or that it appears to be taking full advantage of the TV-MA rating allowed by Starz. Aside from the hardcore deadite sex that goes down in the opening minutes of the pilot, Campbell has already lauded Ash's insanely over-the-top gore at a recent press session.

"People ask, 'How much blood is there going to be?'" said Campbell.

"I went blind the other day shooting a scene. Just picture that. Like, take a shower and open your eyes right into the faucet. That's how much blood there is on the show. I've been gagged once and I went blind. That's a lot of blood."

Shut up, Bruce. Just shut up and take my damn money already.

Ash vs. Evil Dead premieres on Halloween at 9 pm.

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