Heroes of The Storm's Cho'Gall is Out Today, Can be Earned For Free

| 17 Nov 2015 21:21

Heroes of The Storm's "two-players-in-one-hero" Cho'Gall can't be bought with gold or money, and instead will spread like a virus.

One of the most interesting pieces of news out of this year's BlizzCon was the very unique "two-players-in-one-hero" Cho'Gall, announced for Blizzard's hero brawler Heroes of the Storm. We went hands on with him at the show and now you can too, as he has officially been released for the game.

However, even Cho'Gall's release is somewhat unorthodox, as obtaining him isn't quite as simple as buying him in the store with gold or money. First up, if you attended BlizzCon, or bought the digital ticket, you'll have him unlocked for free. Secondly, a random number of players will also be given the hero for free.

So how do the rest of you get him? You gotta catch him like a virus. From now until January 1, anyone who wins two games while partied with a player who already owns Cho'gall will unlock the hero permanently for their collection. And because giving should be just as rewarding as receiving, players who already have Cho'gall can earn 2,200 gold for themselves by winning four games playing as either head with players who haven't unlocked Cho'gall.

Check out the official patch notes for more info.

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