Gamers Discover Invincibility Glitch in Star Wars Battlefront

| 23 Nov 2015 10:15

Star Wars Battlefront glitch makes you immortal.

Star Wars Battlefront appears to have a glitch that results in random players becoming invincible for the duration of their match.

"Game glitched hard and I became invincible. A better player could have probably hit double figures, it's pretty clear I'm a beginner," YouTube user Flynn Moloney wrote in their video description. "Somehow turned invincible after my 12th death during a multiplayer match and ended up going 55-12. I saw the laser shots hitting me but I didn't take any damage. Next game was back to normal," wrote Reddit user Inverted_Flat_Spin.

The glitch appears to be triggered randomly when respawning. The most common theory seems to be that the glitch applies after crashing a ship, although it's likely more complicated than that - I've crashed a bunch of times and haven't had it happen yet. Once the glitch has been triggered for a player they become completely immune to damage.

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