Nintendo to Sell Stand-Alone Wii U GamePad in Japan

| 24 Nov 2015 11:42
Wii U gamepad

Japanese gamers can now purchase a stand-alone Wii U GamePad unit.

The GamePad is arguably the most unique feature of the Wii U, and allows not only for a second screen for gaming, but also gives gamers the ability to continue their game if someone else is using the television. In 2012, Nintendo stated that the Wii U console would eventually support two separate gamepads at one time. While that has not happened, Wii U owners can now finally purchase an additional GamePad for use as a replacement - assuming you live in Japan.

Nintendo has started selling stand-alone Wii U GamePads, previously only available packaged with the Wii U console. According to the official Nintendo website (translated by Kotaku), the GamePad will cost ¥12,800 yen (roughly $104).

There is no word as of yet if the stand-alone GamePad will be available for purchase in other regions.

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