More Free Battlefront Content (Including Maps) is Coming

| 25 Nov 2015 03:26
Battle of Jakku 2

Maybe Battlefront will eventually get enough free content to justify its price tag?

Star Wars: Battlefront launched last week and the number one complaint from many reviewers (full disclosure: including myself) was its overall lack of content. Yes, the game will have a $50 season pass to pad that out, but a new free map and mode: The Battle of Jakku is also planned for next week. The good news is that Jakku is not just a once-off, and EA is planning to release more free content, including maps, in the future.

"We are also planning to support Star Wars Battlefront with new content well into the future. We will be adding more of what you love about the game, like new maps and Star Cards, for free in the coming months," wrote the publisher in a blog post.

While this won't help the game's overall lack of depth caused from the abscence of features like multi-seat vehicles, squads, and unique classes, it should certainly help the problem it has with content. At release, only four maps were available for Walker Assault and Supremacy - the game's most popular and featured modes.

Hopefully EA will continue to support the game both before and after its Season Pass has run its course, in a similar fashion to the excellent support Battlefield 4 has been receiving of late.

Source: EA Games

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