Peter Jackson Will Direct An Episode of Doctor Who

| 30 Nov 2015 16:15

Peter Jackson has announced he'll direct an episode of Doctor Who via a tongue-in-cheek Facebook video.

Peter Jackson was already well-known for his work on The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films, but now he's turning his attention to another beloved franchise: Doctor Who. That news is exciting enough, but what's hilarious is how Jackson made the announcement. Instead of relying on some BBC press release, he published a Facebook video where Peter Capaldi arrives at Jackson's home as the Doctor to ensure his work contract is signed. And of course, since trouble follows the Doctor wherever he goes, this trip is no exception.

The video introduces Jackson as he sits at home polishing his Oscars when his daughter informs him that he hasn't been replying to Stephen Moffat's emails. After admitting he doesn't reply to "incoherent" emails, Peter Capaldi's Doctor arrives with a written contract in hand that can't be ignored. Although he certainly tries. The video is an entertaining watch, filled with several self-depricating jokes fans of Jackson and Moffat's work should pick up on. (The post-it filled copy of The Silmarillion on Jackson's desk is an especially great touch.)

Jackson had originally expressed interest in filming a Doctor Who episode during Matt Smith's run but for some reason seemed a little too busy to get involved. With Doctor Who's ninth series wrapping up, Jackson's episode will likely arrive during the tenth season. That is, unless Jackson convinces the crew to film the episode for six months in New Zealand after all.

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