The New Batman v Superman Trailer Has Wonder Woman and ... Humor?!!

| 3 Dec 2015 09:47

It just got a whoooole lot longer until March 25th arrives.

When the first teaser trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice dropped back in April, it promised more of what we've come to expect from a DC-Zack Snyder picture, which is to say: Darkness, brooding, and no parents. Not that there's anything wrong with that, because hearing Bruce Wayne deliver the ominous line "Do you bleed? You will." should have been enough to give even the least comic-booky of those among us a raging Batboner.

The trailer for Batman v. Superman that debuted last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, however, might catch you a bit off guard. Why? Because aside from revealing both Wonder Woman and freakin' Doomsday (!!!) in all their infinite glory, it actually contained a couple moments of Whedon-esque levity.

Take for instance, the moment Wonder Woman shows up in the nick of time to save Batman from an untimely destruction via Doomsday's heat vision.

"Is she with you?" asks Superman.

"I thought she was with you." quips Batman.

That'll do, DC. That'll do. (As will that killer "clown" burn Wayne hits Kent with during their meet.)

What else? Well, aside from showing us that the intro to Batman vs. Superman will likely feature the climactic battle of Man of Steel from Wayne's perspective, the new trailer also reveals an army of wasp-looking soldiers that would be hard not to compare to The Parademons and a series of absolutely epic explosions that help you understand the film's even more epic budget, so check it out above.

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