Psychonauts 2 Crowfunding Campaign Announced

| 4 Dec 2015 06:03
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At the Video Game Awards this year, Tim Schafer announced fans would finally be getting Psychonauts 2.

Psychonauts was one of those "wrong time, wrong place" gems of gaming, released for the Xbox in 2005 and overlooked by many. It quickly rose to cult status among fans, and a sequel has been one of the most requested projects of creator Tim Schafer. Well at the Video Game Awards today, Schafer has answered your prayers, announcing a crowdfunding campaign for Psychonauts 2 that will finally see the game released.

"Our fans constantly ask us to make Psychonauts 2, and often we've talked about doing it" said Schafer "The problem is that through traditional means we've never been able to raise a budget high enough to do it justice. When we crowdfunded Broken Age in 2012 and broke all the records with the amount we raised, it really showed me the power of our community, and it made me think... maybe we can do this, maybe we could make Psychonauts 2 this way!"

Unlike Broken Age, which used Kickstarter as its crowd funding platform, Psychonauts 2 will instead use Additionally, rather than being 100% funded by fans, the campaign is asking for just a portion of the budget ($3.3 million), with the rest to be picked up by Double Fine itself, as well as an "external partner".

As well as the traditional crowd funding "reward tiers," backers will have the option of actually investing in the game, with a chance to see a return on whatever funds they put up.

Psychonauts 2 will continue the tale of Razputin, as he visits the Psychonauts Headquarters as a fully established psychic agent.

At this point, Schafer doesn't exactly have a great track record when it comes to crowd funding, so I'm being very cautiously optimistic towards this one...

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