Tons of Classic Windows 3.1 Games Just Added to Free Internet Archive

| 12 Feb 2016 18:32

Play classic Windows games like Skifree, Merlin and Flight Commander for free in your browser.

The Internet Archive has the noble goal of preserving our digital history as old operating systems, games, and software become obsulete. This time, they have really outdone themselves, adding over a thousand Windows 3.1 apps to its archives, including hundreds of classic Windows games like Skifree, Merlin and Flight Commander.

This means you can use all of these apps and play all of these games for free right in your browser using the archive's emulation technology. Click here to check out a showcase of some of the best titles available, including the ones pictured in the gallery bellow:

"Windows 3.1 still holds a special place in computer history, and we're pleased to give you a bridge back to this lost trove of software," wrote the Internet Archive in a blog post.

Source: The Internet Archive

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