Big Deals: Xbox One Bundled with Far Cry Primal on Release Day

| 23 Feb 2016 17:00

Post-Holiday 8th Gen Console Bundle Deals?

On the hunt for an 8th gen console deal in the post-holiday season? NewEgg is your retailer of choice. More specifically NewEgg's eBay outlet page. Today two new bundles surfaced with some impressive discounts. On Far Cry: Primal's release, they're offering the Xbox One Gears of War Ultimate bundle for $349.99 with a free copy of Far Cry: Primal and a free Halo 5 wireless controller ($120 in bonuses). Also available is a PlayStation 4 Star Wars: Battlefront bundle for $399.99, free ship with a bonus Sphero BB-8 Droid ($150 bonus).

Speaking of Far Cry Primal, the deals on PC are pretty impressive. The PC version won't launch until next week, but right now GamesPlanet has the game down to £29.99, which can be bought worldwide and converts to about $42 USD. GamePlanet is an authorized retailer, so you'll get the same "Legend of the Mammoth" pre-order bonus as you would paying full price on Uplay.

Another release creeping up this Spring is Tom Clancy's The Division. GamesPlanet to the rescue again with a 25% discount to £29.99 in the UK (also about $42 in USD). GamesPlanet may be your best bet since you'll get the discount along with the pre-order "Hazmat Gear Set" bonus, but a good alternative is GMG for $42.99. GMG is a reputable retailer, but in this case their source is an authorized distributor and make no mentions of pre-order bonus (or pre-load if available).

Big Deals of the Week


Xbox One Gears of War Bundle + Far Cry Primal + Halo Controller - $349.99.

List is $400. Deal expires February 26.


PS4 Star Wars BF Bundle + Sphero BB-8 Droid - $399.99.

List is $500. Deal expires February 25.


Far Cry: Primal (Uplay) - £29.99 (~$42.08).

Releases March 1. Price displays in British Pounds but can be bought worldwide. List is £40 or $60 USD. Apex Edition is £33.74 (~$47.34) at GamesPlanet. GMG is $35.99. Console versions are 20% off at Best Buy with Gamers Club Unlocked Membership and at Amazon with Prime.


Tom Clancy's The Division (Uplay) - £29.99 (~$42.08).

Releases March 8. Price displays in British Pounds but can be bought worldwide. List is £39.99 or $60 USD. GMG has a good deal at $42.99 but not an authroized key.

Recent Releases


Cities: Skylines - Snowfall (Steam) - $10.40.

Released last Thursday. List is $13. Deal expires February 26.


Street Fighter V (Steam) - $45.00.

Released February 16. List is $60. Deluxe Edition also 25% off at $67.48 (normally $90). Best PS4 deals are $47.99 at Best Buy with a Gamers Club Unlocked Membership, or Amazon with Prime Membership.

Upcoming Releases


Hitman - The Full Experience (Steam) - $45.00.

Releases March 11. List is $60. The cheaper Intro Pack is $12 after a 20% off coupon.


Dark Souls III (Steam) - $45.61.

Releases April 12. List is $60.


Doom (Steam) - $46.79.

Releases May 13. List is $60.

PC & Download Deals


The Witcher III: Wild Hunt (PC Download) - $24.99.

List is $60.


Fallout 4: Season Pass (Steam) - $24.00.

List is $30. Deal expires February 26.


GameStop Square Enix Sale 70% OFF

Console Gaming Deals


PlayStation 4 500GB Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Bundle + Extra Controller - $329.99.

List is $410.


Xbox One with Kinect + 2 Games + Extra Wireless Controller (Refurb) - $299.99.

List is $650.


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (PS4) - $12.50.

List is $50. Deal expires February 29.


The Order: 1886 (PS4) - $9.99.

List is $20.

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