The Force Awakens Concept Art Shows What Could Have Been

| 13 Mar 2016 20:49

Industrial Light & Magic has released a big dump of The Force Awakens concept art, showing some familiar scenes, and some cool ideas.

The Force Awakens was either a fantastic nostalgia-ridden return to form for Star Wars, or the worst thing since Jar Jar Binks, depending on who you ask. Nonetheless, we can all (probably) agree that it was a beautiful designed movie, with a fantastic blend of both physical and computer generated effects really bringing the worlds of the movie to life. The folks behind those effects: Industrial Light & Magic, has just released a big dump of concept art from the movie, showing both images that would be realized as scenes in the movie, as well as some ideas that didn't quite make the cut.

Check them out below (The Force Awakens spoilers may follow):

In some of the stuff that was eventually scrapped, we see some concepts for both Han Solo and Luke Skywalker that are a bit different from how they finally appeared on screen. I quite liked bearded Solo - it makes him a look a lot older and more grizzled. We also see this bad-ass First Order castle base, which brings thoughts of Castle Wolfenstein to mind, along with double-seated X-wings and Tie Fighters with folding wings.

There's this concept of Kylo Ren's helmet that looks a lot more like Vader's old one, and what appears to be a young, male Jedi star.

Finally, we see some BB-8 concept that Neil Degrasse Tyson would have been a lot happier with.

What do you guys think? Would you have liked to see some of these concepts in the film, or did you think the way it turned out was perfect?

Source: Industrial Light & Magic

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