Hearthstone's Latest Patch Finally Adds More Deckslots

| 14 Mar 2016 21:00
hearthstone whispers of the old gods art

Hearthstone's most-requested feature has now finally made it into the game.

Inventory management is a fact-of-life for most video games, with many of them often having deliberately small inventories in order to force players to make choices on what they wish to keep. It's no different in Blizzard's card battler: Hearthstone, which until now has arbitrarily limited the number of decks players can save to nine. Thankfully, that deckslot limit has finally been extended, as the latest patch has doubled the amount of decks players can save, as well as adding quite a few new features.

The new deckslots are a godsend for veteran players. After all, the game has nine classes, so with the prior limit, you could only save a single deck per class. To unlock the nine new deckslots, you simply have to "unlock" every class by beating them in the solo practice mode. Most veterans should have already done this, so they should automatically have the new slots available.

The new patch also adds "deck recipes" - pre-built decks suggested by Blizzard, that scan your collection and search for suitable replacements. It's a great way for new, or casual players to discover new strategies, but hardcore Hearthstone players have been using resources like Hearthpwn and Icy Veins for deck suggestions for years.

The patch also added files for an alternate Paladin hero: Lady Liadrin, which reportedly will be unlocked for free to players who simply reach level 20 in World of Warcraft.

Lastly, a few new Whispers of the Old Gods cards have been revealed since we last reported on it. Here they are:

Images courtesy of Hearthpwn

Source: Blizzard

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