Hyper Light Drifter Will Release Next Week on PC

| 22 Mar 2016 16:02

Developer Heart Machine's Kickstarter-funded Hyper Light Drifter will be making its way to Mac and Windows PC next week.

In an announcement on the Kickstarter page for action role-playing game Hyper Light Drifter, developer Heart Machine revealed that the game will be available on Mac and Windows PC on March 31.

"It's been an incredible adventure leading up to launch. I deeply appreciate everyone who has backed us, had faith in us, had patience through this process. You have all been wonderfully supportive and kind," the post reads. "We've put together an experience we are deeply proud of, pouring ourselves into it entirely, and we hope you love it."

The company is still working out some "final kinks" on the Linux build, and while the goal is to release that at the same time as Mac and PC, there is "the possibility of needing some extra time." Meanwhile, the console versions of the game will arrive sometime in 2016, according to the video.

Until then, enjoy some pretty screenshots.

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