Overwatch Will Have Hearthstone-Style Weekly Brawls

| 23 Mar 2016 22:01
Overwatch Character Mashup

Overwatch is incorporating one of Hearthstone's most popular features.

The Tavern Brawl gamemode that Blizzard introduced to Hearthstone last year quickly proved to be a fan favorite - it was a fun way to enjoy "wacky" and random rules and cards without having to focus on the "serious business" meta-decking that usually goes on with the game. It now looks like Blizzard is bringing that same concept to its upcoming shooter: Overwatch, with the introduction of weekly brawls.

"Weekly Brawls are a fun, alternative way to play Overwatch," wrote Blizzard in a blog post. "Each week, we'll rotate in a different Weekly Brawl featuring a set of unique (and sometimes crazy) rules from our Custom Game system."

"For example: In one Weekly Brawl, you'll only be able to play Soldier: 76, while in another Weekly Brawl, a random hero will be selected for you each time you respawn. Other Weekly Brawls will restrict you to Support heroes only, or Tank heroes only, or Defense heroes only-and more!"

The feature is currently live in the game's closed beta, and the current brawl restricts players to playing as the two "ninja" characters: Hanzo and Genji.

Additionally, for all of you lucky enough to be in said closed beta, a new payload map: Route 66 has been added, alongside a new "replay" feature that lets players save highlights of their most recent match, and a revamp of the "play of the game" system.

Source: Blizzard

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