William Shatner Elite: Dangerous Voice Pack Announced

| 25 Mar 2016 14:19


This is one of those times where I truly feel like the headline is enough - and yes, you read it correctly. Elite: Dangerous is getting an Orion voice pack that contains over 1300 phrases for the ship's on-board AI, voiced by William Shatner.

"A new voice pack with over 1300 phrases from the legendary science fiction master who has lent his voice for a thoroughly immersive experience," the description reads. "A unique and special preview from YouTuber 'Obsidian Ant' will give you a feel for the character as well as some insight into some new features, one being a Nebula Tour which is a very exciting journey that you can enjoy with Orion in the game."

The voice pack will be available on April 8. Pre-orders are now open, and getting in early means you will be entered to win a variety of Shatner swag. There's also a Behind the Scenes video (below), just in case you're still finding it hard to believe this is really happening.

Just for fun, here's Shatner performing Space Oddity.

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