Star Wars Fan-Art Shows us Star Wars as Seen By Children

| 26 Mar 2016 23:04

"In a Backyard Far Far Away" gives us a peek into the imagination of a child.

Playing pretend was a big part of being a kid for most of us, whether it was Disney princesses, G.I. Joe, or, Star Wars. Artist Craig Davison has channeled that childhood creative energy into a series of pictures titled "In a Backyard Far Far Away". As you may have guessed, the series is all about kids playing pretend with Star Wars, improvising everyday household objects as costumes and props from the movies, in a way that only kids can.

Check them out below:

Images used with permission.

It's all the little touches that really make this gallery special: stuff like Chewbacca being represented as a dog, or the Bobba Fett boy holding onto a Han Solo action figure. It's a great little whimsical gallery that is sure to make you reminisce on your own childhood years.

If you liked it, be sure to check out more of Davison's work on his official Facebook page. He has a bunch more "kids playing pretend"-type images, as well as some other cool stuff.

Source: Craig Davison

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