Save 50% on Award-Winning Writing App Scrivener 2

| 6 Apr 2016 14:00

If you regularly write something besides what fits within Twitter's 140-character limit, write it with help from Scrivener 2. Get it for just $22.50 at Escapist Deals.

Used by everyone from magazine writers to New York Times bestselling authors, Scrivener 2 is the ultimate way to organize your writing. Part project management tool, part word processor, it keeps everything you need within reach as you're writing-research, notes, edits, ideas, and outlines. Storyboard your project, rearrange sections, and even switch to scriptwriting mode. Macworld calls it "one of the best finds of the last ten years," and we agree.

Go get Scrivener 2 while we've got it for half off. It's just $22.50 at Escapist Deals.

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