Learn Engineering by Playing Minecraft with this Piper Raspberry Pi Computer Kit

| 8 Apr 2016 14:00

Minecraft masters, this is your moment. Pick up the Piper Raspberry Pi Computer Kit and learn real engineering skills by playing Minecraft. The kit is just $239 at Escapist Deals.

Whether you're teaching yourself or your kids-the kit is great for anyone seven years old and up-Piper makes it easy to learn how to build a computer while playing Minecraft challenges that include hardware components. Everything you make helps you with the game while teaching you awesome skills you can use in future projects. Build a controller to navigate, add switches, create buzzers to find rewards, and create new levels. The kit includes everything you need in a wooden computer case.

See? Learning really is fun. Get the Piper Raspberry Pi Computer Kit for $239 at Escapist Deals.

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