Is HOXAR Inc. John Romero's New PC Game?

| 15 Apr 2016 18:20

HOXAR Inc. might not be a company at all. It could be the newest shooter from DOOM co-creator John Romero.

At first glance, the website for HOXAR Inc. looks like any corporate site out there. But phrases like "The Holodeck is real," and claims that the company is "the cutting edge developer, fabricator, and operator of holographic solutions around the globe," are enough to give you pause.

Where things really get interesting is when you learn that an anonymous source has told Shacknews that HOXAR, Inc. is related to the new game from John Romero. Romero has recently hinted at a new PC shooter, and this apparently has something to do with it.

This supposed link was strengthened by a tweet from Romero today that appears to confirm the Shacknews story:

We'll have to wait and see exactly what HOXAR Inc. turns out to be, but for now, just enjoy the show.

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