Nintendo Announces New Splatoon Amiibo

| 2 May 2016 01:45

The Squid Sisters: Callie and Marie, will release alongside re-prints of the original three Splatoon amiibo.

Of all of Nintendo's little plastic DLC toys, the Splatoon ones are perhaps the most in-demand. Firstly, because they actually unlock useful stuff in the game (singleplayer challenge maps and multiplayer weapons), secondly because they were sold in fairly short supply, as not even Nintendo could have predicted the immense popularity of the game. Well the good news is that not only is Splatoon[i] getting two brand-new amiibo in the form of the game's "Squid Sister" presenters: Callie and Marie, it is also getting recolored re-prints of the original three figures.

Callie and Marie will hit store shelves on July 8, exclusively sold together in a "double pack" for $24.99. Unlike the other [i]Splatoon amiibo, the Squid Sisters simply unlock a series of songs that the two will perform in game.

The recolored inkling boy and inkling girl will also be released on July 8, for $12.99 each or in a 3-pack with an exclusive orange inkling squid for $34.99.

It's great that Nintendo is trying to keep hard-to-find amiibos restocked, but as more and more of the damn things are released, its going to get harder and harder to find that one specific out-of-print amiibo!

Source: Nintendo

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