Batman: Return to Arkham Finally Officially Announced by Warner

| 18 May 2016 10:50

The long-rumored Batman: Return to Arkham remaster has finally been officially confirmed.

Back in April, rumors began to swirl about a remastered version of the Batman: Arkham games. Today, Warner made the remaster official with an announcement and a new trailer.

The new title will contain both Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009) and Batman: Arkham City (2011). Both games are being remastered by Virtuos using Unreal Engine 4. Warner's press release says this will bring "improved graphics, as well as upgraded models, environments, lighting, effects and shaders." Also included will all DLC for both games, as well as the Game of the Year Edition bonuses.

Basically, it's the ultimate edition of both games.

Conspicuously absent and unmentioned in the press release is Batman: Arkham Origins - the prequel designed by Warner Bros. Games Montreal. While it didn't receive the glowing praise that Rocksteady's entries in the series did, Origins was still a fairly solid title, and its absence is notable.

Batman: Return to Arkham will launch on July 26 for PS4 and Xbox One, and will run $49.99.

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