New Ghostbusters Trailer Introduces Slimer, Shows off Chris Hemsworth

| 18 May 2016 11:15

The first official Ghostbusters trailer was a little underwhelming. Will the new trailer fix that?

The first Ghostbusters trailer was unpopular, to put it mildly - unpopular enough to inspire a fan to recut it in order to "fix" it. The trailer currently sits at number 12 on YouTube's list of Most Disliked Videos, leading to some very stern words from director Paul Feig.

Now the second trailer has hit, showing off more of the upcoming reboot's special effects, as well as reintroducing fans to Slimer. The trailer also shows off more of Chris Hemsworth's Kevin, and how he fits into the story. There appears to be a decent amount of plot details in the trailer, so I'm not going to say more than that, for those who would like to go in blind.

Ghostbusters releases in theaters on July 15.

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