New Witcher 3 Patch Adds Level-Scaling Enemies, UI Upgrades, and More

| 31 May 2016 09:50

The newest patch for The Witcher 3 adds UI updates, level-scaling enemies, and a new book to help you find Gwent cards.

The final expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is out today, alongside a new patch that adds an number of new features.

First up is level-scaling for the enemies you encounter throughout the game. While this change won't scale difficult enemies down to you, it will bring lower level enemies up to your level to make the game more challenging, but it won't affect the experience points or loot that you receive for defeating them. Level-scaling is an option you can turn on or off as you like during the game.

If you've been looking for the Gwent cards you need to complete your collection, the new patch has an answer for that as well. You can now lay your hands on a book titled "A Miraculous Guide to Gwent" that tells you how many cards are missing from your collection, and where to find them.

Also included are a slew of upgrades to the user interface, including better sorting in Geralt's inventory, easier purchasing of crafting items, and easier item comparing.

It's a massive patch, and these are just some of the highlights of what's included. There's plenty more, including a number of bugfixes and changes. You can read about all of them in the complete patch notes, found here.

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